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Elective Badges

Each Navigator must ultimately complete 9 required trail badges, and 5 elective badges. Required badges are listed in the Trailman Handbook. Elective badge options can be found here and in Trail Life Connect under the left side menu under Advancement>Badges & Awards.

Any work that you do at home can be documented by any number of means, but consider: (a) having your Trailman type up a summary of the work done, including details of the activity, (b) take photographs of the activity, (c) record video of the activity or demonstrations. For technical items that require demonstration of skills, photos or videos are best. For items that require explaining concepts, written narrative or videos work best. Once complete, this information can be submitted to Mr. Harbaugh (Advancement), or your assigned advancement mentor.

NOTE: If you choose to work on an elective badge that we have not already started on, please discuss this badge with your advancement mentor and/or one of the leaders noted above BEFORE beginning this work to be sure that we know what you are planning to do and approve of the activity and your approach.

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