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Are you Trail Ready?

Join us this fall for the Trail-Ready Learner Conference or TRLC. The Trail-Ready Learner Conference will be at Frisco Bible Church (Frisco, Texas) on October 2-3, 2020. General Sessions will be Friday evening and Saturday morning presented by Rob Green, National Director of Field Operations, and Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA. There will be Saturday IMPACT TRACTS where you can choose from general and position specific classes. Each class is led by subject matter experts, and will feature best practices from proven leaders. Peer connection opportunities at breaks, breakfast and lunch and informal evening snacks and hangout time. There will be a Saturday Q&A session where you can ask your questions directly to Regional and Area team leaders, National Program Developers, and Home Office Staff. Saturday's Keynote Address will be presented by Mark Hancock, Trail Life USA CEO. Hear a quick word from Mark Hancock here,

Trail-Ready Learner Conferences are nationally-coordinated, regionally-driven, locally-staffed events that connect leaders, explain processes, provide useful information, inspire and equip every Trail Life adult leader or parent. Best of all, the fellowship and new friendships you will build is worth the price of admission!

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