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Trailman's Christmas Wishlist

Well, it's almost Christmas and I was asked this week for my thoughts on best items to get a Trailman for Christmas. Of course, I encourage you to get your Trailman outside as much as possible but I've included some fun indoor activities as well. Here's my Top Ten for Christmas 2019 in no particular order.

1. Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids book. This book won 2016 Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year and includes 12 designs and 48 tear out paper planes. This is a perfect gift for your Woodlands Trailman.

2. Get them outside with their favorite football, soccer or basketball. Encourage the outdoors with a new ball or sports gear to go with it. New sports gear is great for all ages.

3. Get a Slackline kit that your son and the whole family can enjoy. Get outdoors and work on your balance with a Slackline kit from flybold. This model holds up to 300 lbs and would be great for all ages.

4. Gerber Dime Multi-tool. A multi-tool is an excellent addition to the tool belt of your Mountain Lion, Navigator or Adventurer Trailman. Gerber is one of my favorites because of the intuitive tool layout and spring loaded pliers.

5. Have a Navigator that camps year round with the troop? Warm them up this holiday season with a thermal long john set and a few pairs of wool socks. I prefer polyester blend long johns over the traditional cotton.

6. Extreme compact backpacking chair. This one from Moon Lence weighs just 2 pounds, packs down to 14"x5" and holds 240lbs. Cool gift for all ages.

7. Rainy or cold day and can't get outside? Check out The Boy's Doodle Book. I recently purchased one of these for my kids and loved the creativity and imagination prompts in the book. It's much more than a traditional coloring or activity book. The Boys' Doodle Book is packed with pirates, dinosaurs, robots, and more, daring boys to let their imaginations run wild! A fun and simple sentence on each page instructs what to do, such as "draw a cool tree house," "how will you escape from a crocodile?" and "draw a flying machine." Great gift for your Woodlands Trailman.

8. It's always good to sharpen your knot tying skills. Do so with this SGT KNOTS Knot Tying Kit. An easy-to-learn knot tying kit designed to guide you through the most important knots that every outdoor enthusiast should know. Perfect for backpacking, camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, survival and more! Our kit includes two 6 foot lengths of double-braided polyester rope, one 6 foot length of tubular nylon webbing, and 17 waterproof instructional cards.

9. Help your camper get a good night's sleep with the POWERLIX Sleeping Pad - Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat. I've recently started using this sleeping pad and besides the great compact size and how light it is, my favorite feature of the pad is it's so much easier to inflate with the inflating bag. No more running out of breath as you try to blow it up. It has a dual action, non-leak air valve, to inflate and deflate the mattress.

10. Invest in your Mountain Lion, Navigator or Adventurer Trailman's hiking adventurers with a new hiking backpack from Teton Sports. The Teton Scout 3400 is just right for youth and adults for light backpacking trips; best for 2-4-day adventures; 3400 cubic inches (55 L) capacity; weighs 4.5 pounds (2 kg). Waist Belt- Adjustable 26 - 60 inches. Torso Length- Adjustable 15 - 19.5 inch. I've personally had a Teton Sports hiking backpack now for almost 10 years and love it and son is getting this one for Christmas this year.

Find all of these items on Amazon at the Trailman's Christmas wishlist.

And last but not least, spread the awesomeness of Trail Life USA with gear from the store. Not only will you get great clothes and gear that start awesome conversations about your experience with Trail Life but supporting the store supports our organization. One of the ways Trail Life USA is able to keep costs at a minimum is through the online store. Go check out all the cool gear they have. And use code 'merryandbright' for free shipping through December 12th.

Merry Christmas and Walk Worthy. We'll see you on the trail.

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